Sustainable Performance

Are you tired of wellbeing initiatives that do not bring a real change or impact to your bottom line?

We are here to help.

At HCC, we approach well-being from a performance enhancement perspective – we create Sustainable Performance. Our individual, team and organisational level solutions capitalise on research in various fields on human performance enhancement including sport science, neuro-science, nutrition and psychology.

Our approach is supported by our deep personal experience in enhancing the performance to individuals, teams and organisations as well as objective data from a scientific assessment of wellbeing.

At individual level, we equip leaders and employees with the knowledge, skills and insights that will put them at the top of their game, every day. At organizational level, we help leaders to create the conditions for optimal performance.

Who is this for?

 Organisations teams and individuals who want to build proactive resilience, enhance performance and stressproof themselves.


High-level view of the Sustainable Performance process



We use scientifically robust assessments to provide information of your current organisation culture, level of wellbeing, employee engagement level and obstacles to performance – depending on what is important for you. In addition, we also conduct stakeholder interviews and focus groups to enrich the process and the quality of insights.

The tools that we use include:

(Wellness, stress and resilience assessment)

Benchmark Of Engagement Quotient™
(Employee Engagement & organizational effectiveness)


Based on the insights from the data collection phase, we will work with you to design a tailor-made solution for your organization.


We employ experts in the field to deliver high impact solutions specifically designed for you. Solutions may include but not exclusive to: action planning, strategic alignment, training programmes, talks, team- and individual coaching as well as counseling services.

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