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Coaching supervision is a fundamental aspect of continuing personal and professional development as a coach. We provide coaching supervision to accredited coaches as well as Mentor Coaching for those who wish to pursue accreditation with the ICF.

Why do it?

Every coach needs a supervisor.

We believe that coaching supervision is a fundamental aspect of the effectiveness of a coach and their continuing personal and professional development.

Who is it for?

Coaches that are continuously developing themselves, or those who want to discuss and be coached on the challenges that they encounter in their coaching practice.

How we do it?

Coaching Supervision is the process by which a coach reflects on their coaching practice, sound board strategies and work through ethical and professional dilemmas with the help of an objective, experienced coaching supervisor.

In layman’s terms supervision offers a safe space to discuss your coaching practice, successes and challenges.

Supervision Mentor Coaching HCC Global b
Supervision Mentor Coaching HCC Global

What do you get?

The purpose of supervision is to reflect on your coaching practice and to get inputs from an independent and experienced supervisor. You’ll be invited to share information on your coaching practice – successes and challenges.

You will reflect on what worked and what did not and you will have the opportunity to learn from the insights and experiences of your supervisor.

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