Executive coaching - HCC Global

The highly trained and experienced HCC coaching team works with high-performing, high-potential as well as performance-challenged leaders, equipping them to realise, understand and do the things needed to transform their personal and leadership efficiency.

Transformational Coaching | 2 hours

Team coaching - HCC Global

At HCC, we understand the art and science of true team dynamics. Our intensive team development process turns mere groups into high performance teams. The HCC experts will help your team break down barriers, address conflict, build trust and bridge cultural divides.

Transformational Coaching

Leaders as Coaches - HCC Global

At HCC, we don’t only do coaching training, we transform leadership behaviour. Created in Asia, for Asia, we are the gold standard of coaching effectiveness. Our signature Coaching Blueprint approach is a strategic road map for training leaders as coaches and for embedding a coaching culture in your organisation.

Transformational Coaching | 2 days +

coaching supervision mentor coaching - HCC Global

Every coach needs a supervisor. We believe that coaching supervision is a fundamental aspect of the effectiveness of a coach and their continuing personal and professional development.

Transformational Coaching

Executive assessments - HCC Global

HCC Executive Assessments provide Boards, CEOs and decision-makers with clear and robust decision-making information about high stakes executive hires. We help you to hire, promote and develop the right leadership talent for your organisation.

Assessment Solutions

HCC 360 Degree Solutions provides our clients with support in sourcing, selecting and implementing the most appropriate 360° assessment tool for their purpose. Our services include 360 administration, coaching feedback, management feedback and data analysis.

Assessment Solutions

saville wave international accreditation HCC Global

Our International Accreditation programme is presented by Henry Chamberlain, experienced psychologist and executive coach. The hands-on training programme will enable you to make sense of the complexity and depth of the Wave in order to extract the power and magic of the tool in your practice domain whether you apply it to mass recruitment or executive coaching.

Assessment Solutions | 2 days


The StressScan assessment measures 14 dimensions of wellness and stress in individuals. It is an invaluable tool in the hands of coaches, trainers and wellness practitioners. Our certification programme will equip you to masterfully implement, analyse and feedback the results to your clients at individual, team and organisational level.

Assessment Solutions | 1 day

Assessment Advisory Services - HCC Global

The field of psychological assessment is complex with lots of confusing claims, counter claims and contradictions. We provide our clients with objective, vendor neutral advice to help them select and apply assessments that meet their needs, not what vendors want to sell.

Assessment Solutions

Assessment Master Class Training - HC Global

Come and learn a few secrets that will help you choose and use psychological assessments like a pro.

Training | 1 day

Competency Based Interview (CBI) - HCC Globaltraining

Competency based interviewing is a technique based on the assumption that past behavior is the best predictor of future behaviour. This powerful technique will increase the power and accuracy of your selection processes and greatly enhance your chances of selecting high quality applicants.

Training | 1 day

360 Degree Practitioner Training - HCC Global

The 360° assessment is probably the most powerful yet most misunderstood leadership development tool available today. HCC’s 360° Training will equip you with the knowledge, skill and practice to interpret 360° results, give feedback and implement 360° projects with your clients.

Training | 2 days

HCC provides an alternative approach to employee well-being and performance. We help organisations and individuals achieve better by working smarter, not harder. Our programmes capitalise on research in the fields of sport science, neuro-science, nutrition and performance psychology. We apply science to enhance performance and wellness.

Sustainable Performance

Stress management-HCC Global

This workshop will help participants understand the nature of stress and how their thinking and behaviour contributes to their levels of stress. Participants will learn that stress can be a good thing and how to use powerful “hacks” and “knacks” to build habits that reduces the negative impact of stress on their lives.

Sustainable Performance | from 2 hours to 2 days

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