Revolutionising Assessment

Assessment Advisory Services - HCC Global
Selecting assessment solutions can be complex and confusing at the best of times. Decision makers are faced with a nightmare of claims, counter claims and contradictions, not to mention complex jargon. Assessment vendors are often inflexible, making it challenging to combine your favourite assessments and to create reports that speak your language and reflect your competencies. This all changes when you work with HCC.

Our vision is to be the Tesla of assessment: making assessments easy, intuitive and extremely user friendly. We want to make assessments work for you whether you are a small business or a multinational corporation.

Vendor neutral advice from our globally experienced consulting team will help you select the right assessments for your organisation, budget and purpose.

HCC achieves this by doing two things really well

Our training (see below Master Class Training) empowers our clients to make informed decisions about assessment tools, vendors and processes.
We apply our game changing technology to revolutionise the way in which assessments are used in the work place.

Master Class Training

The HCC Master Class training series equips HR leaders, or users and decision makers with the knowledge to cut through the complex jargon of the assessment world. Participants gain insight into the various types of assessments, the characteristics of good assessments and how to choose assessments to fit their organisation, goals and budget and to use assessments like a real pro.

Please contact us for the next available workshop. We also provide in-house/private training.

Game Changing Solution

Our strategic partnership with the Quintela Group provides our clients with game-changing technology that revolutionises the way assessments are used.

Working with us enables you to:

  • Seamlessly combine assessments from different vendors
  • Extract scores/dimensions from different assessments
  • Combining assessment results from different assessments into a bespoke report
  • Combine dimension scores from different assessments to create unique new competencies for your organisation
  • An automated operation system – saving you time
  • Line manager friendly “job fit” reports to help decision-making
  • Match people to multiple roles simultaneously

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