Competency Based Interview (CBI) Training

Competency Based Interview (CBI) - HCC Globaltraining

Competency based interviews (also referred to as situational, behavioural or competency based interview) are one of the most powerful ways of collecting accurate information to support your hiring decisions. HCC turns your interviews into a competitive advantage by training your interviewers in the art and science of CBI and by automating your entire interview process.

Who is this for?

The workshop is designed for recruiters and HR practitioners who would like to be able to predict candidates’ future performance in a specific role or organisational culture. Thus obtaining the quality of information required for good hiring decisions.

Why do it?

Applicants are trained and coached to present themselves better in interviews. The critical behaviours that interviewers are looking for are rarely expressed by applicants and it requires considerable skill from interviewers to get through layers of masking and self promotion.

What do I get?

Our modular training design enables us to meet you where you are. The programmes range from two hours to two days. These experiential based training programmes have been stress tested across industries and at all organisational levels.

Our foundational CBI training programme will enable anyone involved in the hiring process the following:

  • To learn the essential skills required to conduct competency based interviews
  • To avoid unconscious bias
  • To evaluate the responses from the interviews
  • To use this information to select the most suitable applicant

Our advanced interviewing programmes include the following:

  • Dealing with more challenging applicants
  • Writing your own competency based questions
  • Integrating interview results with assessment centre and psychometric results

Training is presented by seasoned interviewers with years of experience in interviewing real applicants across the globe.

The next steps…

Are you doing interviews in different locations, countries or continents? Is it a challenge to standardise your interview process across interviewers and locations? Are interview scores and write-ups being captured accurately and timeously? Are you collecting information in excel spreadsheets and integrating it manually?

Our automated interview guides will change the way you do interviews forever. Using it, you will be able to create interview guides in minutes and collect results from around the globe with a few clicks of your mouse; as easy as one two three. Interview guides can be used once only or be saved in a central library for future interviews.


Our system enables you to:

  • Use standard, off-the-shelf competencies or your company specific competencies as basis for interviews
  • Select competencies for an interview by simply dragging and dropping
  • Select competency based questions from a pre-populated question library with the click of a button
  • Add “additional” non-competency based questions to your guide
  • Print the completed interview guide in PDF
  • Create an online template to allow interviewers to capture assessment evidence and scores on mobile devices
  • Easily and quickly consolidation assessment results from across the globe
  • Combine interview data with other assessment results for each participant in a centralised location

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