360 Degree Practioner Training

360 Degree Practitioner Training - HCC Global

360 degree assessments are not only useful for development within organisations, but also for coaches to help coaches enhance their self awareness and perceived effectiveness.

What is it?

The HCC 360 degree training programmes consist of two focus areas, firstly the interpretation and feedback of 360 degree assessment results. Secondly, how to design and implement coaching programmes in organisations.

Our training will help you achieve the following:

  • Learn how to select, use and provide professional 360 degree feedback to participants
  • Design and implement 360 degree assessment projects for your internal or consulting clients

Why do it?

Providing 360 degree feedback is complex and requires considerable skill. 360 Degree assessment projects often fail because of a lack of understanding of how complex the implementation can be. Our training will firstly provide participants with the required knowledge, skills, practice and feedback to provide feedback like a pro.

After that, we will then help you understand how to plan, get buy in, communicate, design, implement 360 projects in a way that will maximise support and buy in.

Who is it for?

Our courses are designed for coaches, consultants and in-house practitioners who want to use 360 degree assessments more effectively or implement 360 degree assessment solutions in organisations.

The trainer

Henry Chamberlain is an internationally experienced psychologist and assessment expert. As former Consulting Director for SHL Greater China, Global Head of Selection for Standard Chartered Bank, executive coach and independent assessment consultant, Henry has extensive knowledge and experience in use of assessment tools in a multinational environment. Although he is an accredited user of a wide range of best-in-class assessment tools, he remains vendor neutral. This enables him to provide an objective view of the strengths and weaknesses of each tool and to combine assessments from various vendors to create powerful solutions.

What do I get?

Upon completion of the course, you will be equipped with the following:

  • In-depth understanding of the theory of 360 degree assessments
  • In-depth knowledge of various types of 360 degree assessments
  • The difference between 360 and other performance assessments
  • Interpreting 360 degree assessment reports
  • Delivering impactful 360 degree feedback
  • Creating powerful development plans
  • How to implement 360 into organisations
  • How to integrate 360 into coaching
  • Administrative tips and techniques to ensure project success
  • Accreditation to use 360s provided by HCC Global

360 Degree Practioners -HCC Global

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We also provide private training sessions for groups of minimum 6 people.