StressScan Accreditation


At HCC, we only use scientifically robust assessments. That is why we use StressScan to help individuals, teams, and organisations achieve a better understanding of their personal and organisational wellness and stress.

What is StressScan?

StressScan is a scientifically robust measurement of stress levels, coping strategies, and coping abilities of individuals. Inspired by well-known and validated stress theories, the StressScan was designed to help promote deeper, more comprehensive understanding of stress and wellness. It serves as a tool to facilitate increased self awareness. It supports individuals, teams and organisations in reducing stress, promoting a healthy lifestyle/coping habits, quality of life and for building resilience.

The questionnaire will take approximately 20 minutes to complete and it measures dimensions of stress and wellbeing.

Why do it?

StressScan is like no other assessments: it combines scientific research into measuring stress, wellbeing, coping mechanisms and quality of life that can be converted into interventions.

StressScan is a useful tool for coaches and trainers to facilitate increased knowledge, skills and behaviour changes efforts aimed at reducing stress, promoting healthy lifestyle/coping habits and quality of life. Not only will it benefit coaches, but also consultants aiming to add a robust measure of stress and wellness to their tool box.

Who is it for?

Coaches, consultants, trainers, working in the area of stress and wellbeing as well as HR practitioners who want to use a more robust assessment of stress and wellbeing in their organisations.

The trainer

Henry Chamberlain is an internationally experienced psychologist and assessment expert. As former Consulting Director for SHL Greater China, Global Head of Selection for Standard Chartered Bank, executive coach and independent assessment consultant, Henry has extensive knowledge and experience in use of assessment tools in a multinational environment. Although he is an accredited user of a wide range of best-in-class assessment tools, he remains vendor neutral. This enables him to provide an objective view of the strengths and weaknesses of each tool and to combine assessments from various vendors to create powerful solutions.

What do I get?

Upon completion of this interactive half-day accreditation, you will be equipped with the following:

  • In-depth understanding of the drivers of stress
  • Ability to interpret the assessment results
  • Ability to provide feedback to individuals and teams
  • In-depth knowledge to help designing interventions based on the results
  • The use of StressScan through HCC

StressScan HCC Global

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