Leaders As Coaches (Coaching Blueprint)

Leaders as Coaches - HCC Global

Managers need to be coaches, but they are not professional coaches. Our programmes equip managers with the skills to become more coaching oriented and to enhance the engagement and effectiveness of their teams and organisations.

Who is this for?

“You can’t be a great manager if you’re not a good coach” (Harvard Business Review).

Although we agree that managers need coaching skills, they are not professional coaches and they require a unique set of skills to equip them to lead with a coaching mind-set. Our signature training programme equips managers with the unique coaching skills that will allow them to apply effective coaching skills in a working context.

How we do it?

The HCC Coaching Blueprint approach is based on our experience in training coaches and helping multiple organisations to create a “coaching culture”. We meet you where your organisation where you are. Our approach is successful because it is based on the following success factors:

  • A clear definition of what a coaching culture is
  • Specific behavioural competencies that support a coaching culture
  • The mind-set, values and beliefs that drive a coaching culture
  • Modular training on the specific skills, techniques and theories required to master the competencies and create a coaching mind-set
  • Assessments that provide insights in the coaching style of assessments
    • Self-assessments (Coaching Style)
    • Multi-rater assessments (180 Degree Assessments)
    • Organisational Level (Coaching Culture)

Our blueprint approach allows us to meet you where you are. Whether you simply need coaching training or whether you want to transform your organisation culture into a coaching culture. By combining our coaching expertise with our in-depth knowledge of organisation development and change management, we are able to go beyond mere training programmes to help you achieve the change you want to see in your organisation.

The facilitator

The core facilitator, Henry Chamberlain, has over 20 years of experience in executive coaching as well as training managers as coaches in various organisations in Hong Kong.

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